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Common Sense Self Defense

Welcome to Desert Martial Arts! Since opening in 1999, Desert Martial Arts Academy has been a safe and friendly place to learn martial arts. We hold children's and adult classes for both beginners and advanced students, and visitors are always welcome. Martial arts will keep adults in shape and teaches a realistic, effective method to defend yourself. Children learn respect, set and achieve personal goals, and of course have lots of fun.

Our school features an excellent student to teacher ratio, with the average being 1 instructor every 3 students in any given class. Every student is given large amounts of personal attention, and will never feel "lost in the crowd".

Our primary martial art is traditional (non-sport) Tae Kwon Do, and also includes American Aikido (a Japanese Karate style) and an array of effective, common-sense self defense techniques.
Our school is based in Palm Desert, California inside of Next Level Fitness.

Come see our newly remodeled training room with six permanently mounted heavy bags and a private, enclosed outdoor area!
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